Civil Rights Institute

Plans are now underway for the development and construction of what will be the Civil Rights Institute of Riverside (CRI). The Fair Housing Council of Riverside County (FHCRC) and the Riverside African American Historical Society (RAAHS), both led by housing council Executive Director, Rose Mayes, are collaborating with Wakeland Housing & Development Corporation for this highly anticipated and exciting project.

The project will be located at 3933 Mission Inn Avenue in the Raincross District of downtown Riverside. The building will be the new home to the headquarters for FHCRC and RAAHS and will include the CRI, town-hall type meeting space, mixed-use affordable housing, as well as commercial and retail space.

The CRI will serve as a repository that will include exhibit and archival space for historical civil rights documents, artifacts, videos and audio recordings of all of the communities and regions surrounding Riverside County. While the CRI will have a significant focus on African American contributions to the civil rights movement, its purpose is to include and embrace all ethnic communities and perspectives.

Civil Rights Institute architectural drawing


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